A new excavation programme was approved and it is about to start in the Minoan site of Agios Georgios, in the island of Kythera. The spot is famous for its Minoan “Peak Sanctuary”, whose function is evident by the large numbers of statuettes depicting animals as well as men, often in an attitude of adoration.  Its most important dig so far has been taken place under the direction of the late Yannis Sakellarakis back in the 90s (1992-1994) – an overview of that work is in print by his widow Dr. Efi Sapouna Sakellaraki.
However, in the future five years the site will be under the direction of Ms. Emilia Banou, a former student of Sakellarakis, currently a university lecturer in the University of Peloponnese, who cannot wait to continue what her teacher started.  
Source: Nαυτεμπορικ? via Αρχαιολογ?α Online, 11/04/11