The Open University of Cyprus announces that the period of applications for admission to the academic programmes offered for the academic year 2013-2014 is between November 12th 2012 and January 15th 2013.

The Open University of Cyprus provides high-quality university education on the basis of open and distance learning, a new approach in the higher education system of Cyprus. More specifically, in contrast to conventional universities, students at the Open University are not required to attend conventional classes and lectures. Rather, students have the flexibility to study at any time of the day, at home, from any location regardless of the distance from the University premises.

Students wishing to apply for admission to the 2013-2014 academic year should submit their application online at by January 15th 2013.

Objectives of the programme

The overall objective of the Programme is to provide knowledge and understanding of the Hellenic Culture and to equip students with cognitive, methodological and epistemological skills, which will enable them to deepen their knowledge on cultural topics, in general. An additional purpose is to create awareness on the ideological factors, directly influencing the shaping of identities, national or otherwise. Emphasis is given to the comparative study of original sources (texts and objects), which, along with theoretical knowledge, will develop students’ critical and research abilities.

Programme structure

To acquire a Bachelor’s degree, students must successfully complete and pass the examinations for at least twelve (12) Thematic Units (modules). A student may choose up to three (3) Thematic Units per academic year. The workload for selecting three (3) Units per year is equivalent to full-time studies, while fewer than three is considered part-time. The University’s academic year begins in early October and ends in late June, with the completion of the final written exams.

Admission requirements

To enroll the “Studies in Hellenic Culture” Programme a secondary education degree is a basic prerequisite. Additionally the successful candidate should have:

-Good knowledge of computer programs, internet and w-mail,

-High School graduation degree,

-Good knowledge of a foreign language (English, French, German or Italian).

Students should take into consideration that good knowledge of a foreign language is essential in order to respond to study requirements.