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News: Cultural Heritage
The Tatoi Palace.
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by Archaeology Newsroom

Movable monuments of Tatoi

Ministerial decision

The objects located at the preservable building complex of the former royal family estate at Tatoi (Attica) were characterized as movable monuments, after a decision of the Deputy Minister of Culture, Kostas Tzavaras.

These objects form an unsplittable unity with a special historical, social, technical, artistic, and scientific value, unbreakably linked to the function and history of the former Royal Estate.

The decision refers to:

-13 objects in situ in the stables and 12 in the kitchens.

-395 objects of the stables and 144 of the kitchens.

-9 signed paintings of Greek artists.

-9 assemblages of traditional female costumes and a separate part of a dress, consisting of 44 pieces, which were found in the theatre foyer, and three fabric objects, coming from the Palace building.

-11 objects that contain archival material from the royal villa and eight groups of minor arts objects found in the royal villa.