36th Internationl Commission on the Anthropology of Food (ICAF) Conference

Kamilari, Crete, June 2-6, 2013

The theme of the proposed 36th ICAF Conference, to be held at Kamilari, Crete, is “Food and Art”.

The aim of the Conference is to focus on the long-standing role of food in the arts.

Organizers of the conference expect that the proposed ICAF conference will be well attended, and that the papers presented will help to enhance understanding of the role of food in past and contemporary art. The conference will deal with food’s presence in the arts, i.e. in the visual arts, literature, cinema, music and design arts, in the context of representing everyday food and meal practices, as well as troubling phenomena in human societies.

Food emerges as an important attribute of most aspects of life. Its relation with arts and spiritual endeavours, though, is not as evident as in other human activities. The Conference will discuss values and social changes, consumer culture, the role of arts in the study of food cultures, art as a means to sensitize citizens on issues such as hunger and environmental disasters and finally, the use of food in art.

Interested participants are invited to present their research on “Food and Art” bearing in mind empirical, methodological and theoretical perspectives. The organizers of the Conference hope that an interdisciplinary approach will emerge so that different aspects of the Conference’s theme will be elucidated.

Submission of abstracts

The presentations will be of 30 minutes duration, including discussion. Interested participants should email ([email protected]) their paper title, an abstract in English (of up to 300 words), their institutional affiliation, postal address, e‐mail address, phone and fax numbers, a short biographical note (maximum 5 lines) until March 15, 2013.

The conference is jointly organized by the Greek ICAF Committee and the Cultural Association of Kamilari.