On the occasion of the International Museum Day 2013 “Museums (Memory + Creativity) = social change”, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki organizes an action using facebook, titled “Converse, reminisce, create … change?,” aiming to create an interactive relationship with its audience on subject of memory (the web page will be activated today, April 18th 2013).

Objects and places, like people, have their own life cycle. Both “objects” and “places” as part of our memory enclose different values and meanings, feelings and experiences, they narrate stories of each of us. So if the objects enclose memories Museums protect and interprets this memory.

The AMTh, on the occasion of the International Museum Day 2013, decided to share, using facebook, its own memories of everyday life and history: “connect with us on facebook and discover less known stories about the Museum and share with us the challenge of setting up an exhibition, learn about the famous visitors of the Museum, the background of the theft of a statue in the Second World War, the maintenance of a find, the adventure of a gold crown from the hands of looters to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and many more … . Share with us your memories and codify your own experience through objects or places that are part of your precious memories (photos, stories, testimonies, poems, videos, etc.). All these memory will be the core of an online virtual exhibition. An exhibition made by the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and its friends.”