Based on the theme of this year’s International Museum Day “Museums (memory + creativity) = social change” and celebrating 35 years of The Shop, the Benaki Museum invites visitors to embark on an exhibition journey from antiquity to contemporary design.

On that day 10 live workshops will be scattered in the Museum galleries, where makers-artists and creators are inspired by the exhibits and reveal step by step the secrets of their art in front of your eyes. Three educational workshops will run exclusively for children. Children from 5 years up learn techniques, make jewelry, and let their imagination fly.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to look “behind the scenes of an exhibition”. What happens behind closed doors just before the opening of an exhibition? How many people are involved and how do they set off an artistic event from scratch?

Where and when: Benaki Museum, 1 Koumbari St. & Vas. Sofias Ave., May 18-19, 2013