The third provenance research training program (PRTP) workshop is scheduled to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, from December 1-6, 2013, in conjunction with the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of European Union of 2013. In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, the workshop will be hosted by the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum.

The deadline for applications is November 3, 2013.

For those who can demonstrate the need, there is some financial assistance available to facilitate access to the workshop in the form of tuition remission, travel and lodging aid. Applicants should make certain to mention in their proposal what type of aid they seek.

This international training workshop is sponsored by the European Shoah Legacy Institute (ESLI) and administered with the help of the JCC. It is open to scholars, students, professionals, collectors, dealers, civil servants, researchers and investigators, to anyone interested in subjects related to cultural plunder, the ethics of collection management practices in the public and private sectors, cultural rights and heritage, methodologies of research and analysis into the ownership histories of cultural objects misappropriated during mass conflicts.

The Vilnius workshop will be focused but not limited on the topics which you can find below:

1) analytical and methodological tools that can serve to apprehend the complexity of the topics under study, to visualize patterns, and to compare these processes and their international impact;

2) the impact of cultural plunder on collection management practices in museums and other cultural institutions;

3) a core understanding of displacements of cultural objects in pre-war Europe, wartime plunder and its impact on collecting practices and the international art market, and postwar efforts to recover looted cultural assets;

4) the ethical implications of cultural plunder during the Nazi era, current international policies, and art trade practices

In order to apply, interested participants should follow instructions through the following link: