The “Umbrellas”, one of the most recognizable sculptures of George Zongolopoulos, will be included in the edition Landscape Installation Art (Beijing, 2013) of the Chinese publishing group Tianjin Ifeng Space Media Co. – Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, in collaboration with the George Zongolopoulos Foundation.

The edition Landscape Installation Art was published in 2013 in China and is available in a bilingual edition English-Chinese. The scrapbook includes imaginative installations and contemporary creations of artists and architects that are located in diverse cities around the world. From Greece was chosen the sculpture “Umbrellas” created by George Zongolopoulos and installed in Thessaloniki Seaside in 1997, the year that the city was the Cultural Capital of Europe. The artwork represented Greece in the Venice Biennale in 1995 in celebration of 100 years of the institution.

Among all the contemporary artists that are included in the edition, “eternal teenager” George Zongolopoulos –youngest among young people- is the only Greek artist whose work represents the contemporary Greek artistic creation.

It should be noted that Chinese publishers and editors of the scrapbook could not believe that the “Umbrellas” is a sculpture that a man created in the age of 92 years old! The George Zongolopoulos work full of dynamism, sensitivity, imagination and vision still “travels” around the world.