The Acropolis Museum has released the programme of Alternating Gallery Talks, due to take place every Saturday.

Do you have a particular interest in the ancient world? Would you like to discover many different ways of viewing the beautiful objects in the collection of the Acropolis Museum? You can come to the Museum on your own, with your friends or your team, and take part in a different discussion each time, with the Archaeologist-Hosts, in the Museum’s galleries. This year’s presentations have been designed to incorporate the preferences you indicated to us last year. The duration of the activity varies according to the programme.

The Alternating Gallery Talk is held every Saturday, in Greek. Saturday talks can also be given in English, upon email request ([email protected]).
Participation is limited to 30 visitors per session.

The next Alternating Gallery Talk (in Greek), entitled “Assembled Art”, will be held on Saturday 1 November 2014, 1 p.m.

The three-dimensional art of Athens was not made exclusively from a single piece of material, nor from only one type of material, e.g. stone, terracotta or metal. A variety of members from the same or different materials bound together in a harmonious ensemble, were used for its production in different sizes and for various purposes. Visitors will be able to talk with the Archaeologist-Hosts about the ancient representatives of this art to be found at the Museum in a range of sizes, such as puppet dolls, idols, acroliths and chryselephantine statues, as well as their various functions in an ancient sanctuary. Duration: 50 minutes

October 2014 – June 2015 Alternating Gallery Talk full program