The 4th Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in the Reception of the Ancient World (AMPRAW 2014) will take place at the Senate House, University of London, on 24-25 November 2014. Registration is now open.

AMPRAW 2014 is a two-day conference that aims to provide both UK and international postgraduate students from all disciplines with the opportunity to present their research to the growing academic community working on the reception of the classical world in both ancient and modern cultural contexts.

The focus of AMPRAW 2014 is the notion of authenticity in the reception of the ancient world. This topic addresses some of the most immediate issues arising from the increasingly influential role of academia in the creation of products of classical reception. The focus on authenticity offers a rare chance for postgraduates working in diverse areas of research in classical studies to contribute a variety of perspectives on one topic, enhancing their understanding of the ways in which questions of authenticity pervade
different areas of scholarship.

In addition to chaired panels, delegates at AMPRAW 2014 will have access to
the following conference highlights:

-A keynote lecture from Dr. Nick Lowe

-An excursion to the British Museum for a tour with a special focus on
issues of authenticity in museum collections and exhibitions

-A roundtable discussion among academics and practitioners who have worked
on performance adaptations of ancient drama and epic for the modern stage

-Special guest talks from Professor Mary-Kay Gamel and award-winning author
Geraldine McCaughrean

-A performance of the Bacchae from By Jove Theatre Company

Conference delegates will also have the opportunity to socialise at a wine
reception sponsored by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies,
followed by the conference dinner on the evening of 25 November.

Find the full programme and more information here at our website:

How to Register

Please register here: Last Booking Date for this Event 24th November 2014.

Only a limited number of spaces are available, we therefore strongly  advise
that delegates register as soon as possible.

Conference Fee: Registration fee is £25 for both days, and includes lunches, refreshment
breaks, and the wine reception, as well as admission to all panels and other
activities on the programme.

Conference Dinner: Delegates are encouraged to attend the conference dinner on Monday evening at TAS. For information on how to register for the conference dinner, please
see our main website: