Museumedu is an online, open access, peer-reviewed international journal published from the University of Thessaly Museum Education and Research laboratory (MERLab). The publication of an online international journal has been one of the main objectives of the MERLab, in line with its other publication activities with the aim to provide a space for international dialogue on museum education, and discussion over research, theory and practice related to a variety of educational practices within (broadly conceived) cultural environments around the world.

Museumedu is being published annually, on special themes that are announced 18 months in advance, through a Call for Papers. Beyond the particular theme of each volume, each issue may include papers over other themes, since basic aim is to provide a platform for dialogue among research work, practical applications and experiences. Submission of papers and suggestions for the editing of special issues should be sent to the following e-mail addresses: Irene Nakou [email protected], Niki Nikonanou [email protected], Panagiotis Kanellopoulos [email protected] .


Museumedu serves the following main objectives:

-Enabling dialogue and communication among groups and individuals involved in the fields of museums, education, culture, the Arts and history, both in our country and in different countries around the world.

-Development and critical evaluation of alternative approaches to cultural heritage.

-Enrichment of theoretical and research work and practice in the field of museum education, in collaboration with colleagues in several countries and in relation with scientific, educational, cultural, social and art institutions, such as the International Council of Museums (ICOM), museums, archaeological and historical institutions, libraries, archives, universities, research centres and schools.

-Presentation of original theoretical and research work, educational projects and educational material, and critical review of relevant publications, resources, exhibitions, conferences etc.


Articles written by researchers, artists, museum personnel, teachers, post-graduate students that present research work and/or explore ideas, questions, reflections, applications and evaluations over museum education are welcome. We also welcome suggestions for publication of special issues edited by external editors.

Publication terms

All papers submitted for publication go through a rigorous peer-reviewed process (see submission guidelines: Papers in Greek should be accompanied by an extended abstract in English. Similarly, papers in English will be published together with a long abstract in Greek.

Editors: Irene Nakou, Professor in Museum and History Education; Niki Nikonanou, Assistant Professor in the History of Art and Museum Education; Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, Associate Professor in Music Education.


First volume: Museumedu 1, Museums and Education / Theory and Practice: Music, Dance, Mathematics, was published in Spring 2015, as a first and experimental volume. Hence, it mainly includes papers written by MERLab members.

Forthcoming volume: Museumedu 2, Museums and Education / Theory, Practice and Research: Oral History, will be published in Autumn 2015.

Future volumes – Call for Contribution

Suggestions for the editing of special issues and submission of papers for the following two (2016 & 2017) volumes are welcome:

Museumedu 3 will be published in Spring 2016 on the theme: Research in museum education. Dead-line for paper submissions: September 30, 2015.

Museumedu 4 will be published in Spring 2017 on the theme: Museums and educational activities, performances and experiences. Dead-line for paper submissions: August 31, 2016.