Mouseio Benaki 11-12, 2011-2012. Greek/english, 300 pages, ISSN 1109-4109.

The latest issue of the Benaki Museum journal (11-12, 2011-2012) has just been published.

To publicise the collections and promote research the Museum has been publishing an annual journal since 2001 (Mouseio Benaki), containing original academic research relating to – or inspired by – objects in its collections or archives, as well as annual reports on the activities of the Museum’s research departments. The journal carries both Greek and foreign-language articles, which are accompanied by abstracts in English or Greek respectively.

Given that the Museum’s material is diverse, multicultural and covers a broad time period, the journal thus enhances the dialogue between the disciplines of archaeology, ethnography, social anthropology, museology, history, history of art, history of architecture etc.

2014 marks a new era for the journal: thanks to a collaboration with the National Documentation Centre (EKT), past copies as well as forthcoming issues of Mouseio Benaki, together with its supplements, will be published in print and online, thus making it easily accessible to both the academic community and the general public.

Contents of the latest issue:

Eleni Veronika Farmakalidou, The Technological Examination of Ancient Egyptian Mask from Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika Collection

Tasos Sakellaropoulos, Georgia Imsiridou, Kostas Kalyviotis: “I was Andreas in EPON”

Delivorias Aggelos, Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika and the Interwar Generation

Vlizos Stavros
Amykles Research Project: Excavation Works 2005-2010

Katie Demakopoulou
The Early Cult at the Amyklaion The Mycenean Sanctuary

Vicky Vlachou
The Spartan Amyklaion: The Early Iron Age Pottery from the Sanctuary

Bilis Themistoklis, Magnesali Maria
Issues Concerning the Architectural Reconstruction of the Monuments of the Sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios

Manolis Korres
The Pediment of the Statue

Georgia Kokkorou-Alevras
“Throne” of Apollo Amyklaios Provenance of the Stones: Preliminary Conclusion

Eleni Zavvou, Athanassios Themos
The Epigraphic Evidence of the Sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios

Hyakinthos and Apollo of Amyklai: Identities and Cults. A Reconsideration of the Written Evidence

Eleni Kourinou, Yanis A. Pikoulas
The Access to Amyklaion

Paraskevas Matalas
Searching for the Amyklaion: For a History of the ‘Discovery’ of the Sanctuary in the Modern Era

Vlizos Stavros
A Theoretical Approach to the Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites: The Case of the Spartan Sanctuary of Apollo Amyklaios