On the occasion of the temporary exhibition “Samothrace. The mysteries of the Great Gods”, the Acropolis Museum is running a photo competition on Instagram (15/10/2015 – 30/11/2015). The Museum invites everyone to create a digital gallery together – #MySamothrakiExhibition – comprised of a collection of photos where experiences and memories of Samothrace meet the island’s archaeological mysteries.

Τhe island of the Great Gods

Known in mythology as the island of Aeolus, ruler of the winds, Samothrace (also called “Samothraki”) is crowned by the highest mountain in the Aegean Islands, Mount Saos, from the summit of which – according to Homer – the sea god Poseidon watched the Trojan War. This sacred mount of ancient times, with its wild peaks, pebbly seashores, flowing streams, pristine nature, unique archaeological finds and picture-perfect town, still exudes its mystic charm today.

How to enter the competition

Did you explore the mysteries of Samothrace?
Did you go climbing or hiking?
Did you go camping with your friends?
Where did you go swimming?
Did you taste local food?

Share your experiences on Instagram. Post your photos using #MySamothrakiExhibition and one of the following hashtags:

#MySamothrakiMysteries, #MySamothrakiClimbing, #MySamothrakiCamping, #MySamothrakiSwimming, #MySamothrakiEating.

Take part in the Acropolis Museum’s photo competition and you could win a prize from the Museum Shops!