“Greece, Greeks, and Greek in the Renaissance” is the title of the conference organized by the University of Cyprus and due to be held on December 13, 2015.

The organizers are Natasha Constantinidou and Han Lamers.


Welcome and Introduction (Natasha Constantinidou & Han Lamers) (9.00-9.15)

Session A: Classical Greek Learning in the Latin West (9.15-11.15)

– Paola Tomé (Magdalen College, Oxford), ‘Aldus Manutius and the Learning of Greek’

– Luigi-Alberto Sanchi (Institut d’Histoire du Droit – UMR 7184), ‘Greek studies in Paris, ca 1490-1540: From a Thirsty Desert to the Rise of the Collège de France’

– Raf Van Rooy (University of Leuven), ‘A Professor at Work: Hadrianus Amerotius (1490s–1560) and the Study of Greek in 16th-century Louvain’

Coffee Break (11.15-11.30)

Session B: Reconciling the Classical and Byzantine Pasts (11.30-13.30)

– Eirini Papadaki (University of Cyprus), ‘The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Early-Modern Greek Literature’

– Federica Ciccolella (Texas A&M University), ‘The Anacreontic Hymns of Maximos Margounios (1549-1602): A Revival of Byzantine Poetry?’

– Calliopi Dourou (Harvard University), ‘The Longs and Shorts of an Emergent Nation: Nikolaos Loukanes’s 1526 Iliad and the Unprosodic New Trojans’

Lunch Break (13.30-14.30)

Session C: Reception, Appropriation, and Uses of Classical Greek Learning (14.30-16.30)

– Hélène Cazès (University of Victoria), ‘A Passion for Ancient Greek in Renaissance Europe: (Re-)Inventing Philology and Humanism’

– Malika Bastin-Hammou (Grenoble University), ‘Teaching Greek with Aristophanes in the French Renaissance’

– Luigi Silvano (University of Turin), ‘Studying Humanist School Commentaries on the Greek Classics (XV-early XVI c.): A state of the Art’

Coffee Break (16.30-16.45)

Session D: Responses & Round Table Discussion (16.45-18.00)

All are welcome! For further information and registration, please contact [email protected].