Dimitris Plantzos, Greek Art and Archaeology, c. 1200-30 BC, Kapon Editions, Athens 2016, 304 pages, 592 ill. ISBN 978-618-5209-00-1

Greek art and archaeology, written by Greek specialist Dimitris Plantzos, is now published in English by Kapon Editions, translated by British archaeologist Nicola Wardle. The text has been revised and extended by its author in order to suit an international readership. The book surveys Greek archaeology from the collapse of the Mycenaean palaces in ca. 1200 BC to the subordination of the last Hellenistic kingdoms to Rome in c. 30 BC. The author studies Greek art through the material record, and against its cultural and social backdrop. The book’s target audience is archaeology and art students, as well as anyone interested in Greek art and culture.