“Once upon a time… the Antiquity” is a congress focused on new approaching to ancient world researching. Nowadays not only traditional academic works on History, Arts, Archaeology or Philology are being carried out, but this frame of study has been expanded to the so called classic reception studies. Consequently, new studies on preconceptions about ancient world throughout history up to the present day emerge. Historical novels, perfume’s or food advertisements set in a Hellas as unlikely as timeless, or peplums have been subject of specialized congresses.

Once upon a time… the Antiquity congress focuses on this cultural heritage with specific interest in media productions for children. Through this very first image, with which we have all grown up, they are shaped a visual concept of Antiquity, an arrangement of Olympic pantheon and, ultimately, a way of understanding daily life of people thousands of years ago.

As researchers, we understand the complexity of ancient societies, the problems implied in approaching to them getting over our own time’s problems and, above all, reform this preconceived vision of Antiquity. The main objective of this congress is approaching this phenomenon through cinema and serials, both animated and with real actors, biased to a childish or young audience. From Disney movies to child serials and mass phenomena such as Harry Potter, this congress includes every production suitable for all audiences, which constitute our first ancient history school. Every proposal related with this topic, whether dealing with a specific production or a transversal aspect in different movies or serials.

The congress is divided in three main sessions, divided in papers and debates. Presentations will be 15 minutes in length with time for discussion after each session. The congress will take place on Friday January 13, 2017, in the Aula de Grados of the Facultad de Geografía e Historia of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

In order to participate, it s required to send a 200-300 words abstract to the congress e-mail address, [email protected], up to December 4, 2016. Proposals will be assessed by the organizing committee, and those selected will be informed by December, 11, 2016. All the information is available in the congress website.

Likewise, every student interested in attending the congress will receive a certificate of assistance if they attend the 80% of sessions at least. Organizing committee cannot offer travel or any other kind of grants for participants, but participation is totally free.

Website: http://antiguedadanimada.wixsite.com/erase1vezlantiguedad/home

Organizing committee:
Irene Cisneros Abellán (U. of Zaragoza)
M. Cristina de la Escosura Balbás (Complutense U. of Madrid)
Elena Duce Pastor (Autonoma U. of Madrid)
María del Mar Rodríguez Alcocer (Complutense U. of Madrid)
David Serrano Lozano (Complutense U. of Madrid)
Nerea Tarancón Huarte(Complutense U. of Madrid)