The ICOM International Committee for Museums and Collections of Science and
Technology (CIMUSET) 45th annual Conference will take place in Rabat, Morocco, on December 5-8 2017.

The industrialisation, infrastructure constructions and housing projects
have destroyed many historical sites and started transforming many
landscapes and effectively delete significant industrial and technical
heritage. Former industrial sites have been rebuilt as commercial buildings
or became residential areas with no association or indication to their
previous functions and significations. Hopefully, some sites have been
preserved as open air museums or technical and industrial museums, trying to
preserve and represent the forgotten glory of industrial times through
different conservation efforts.

But do we have any sympathetic felling towards industrial heritage? Can we
consider it as an important element of our cultural identity?
Can we accept other “colonial technical heritage” as part of our cultural
identity and continue to preserve it as a national heritage?
We hope that this conference can be a real forum dedicated to the study of
industrial heritage issues and aspects, and an important opportunity for the
promotion and interpretation of the technical heritage.

We encourage museum professionals and scholars to submit papers that relate
to the wide themes of CIMUSET 2017 conference as indicated in the conference
web site. A theoretical and practical approach to issues of industrial and
technical and scientific heritage is most welcome.

Keep an eye on the Conference website for updates and news: