The Irish Research Council (IRC) has recently opened the Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme for 2018. The scheme provides funding across all disciplines for one- and two-year postdoctoral research projects.

Applications may be made only with the support of a suitable Academic Mentor at an eligible higher education institution in the Republic of Ireland. The Maynooth University Department of Ancient Classics will support outstanding applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships.

Anyone who may be interested in applying for a Fellowship through the Department should:

1.  Consult the detailed information concerning the Fellowships, including the terms and conditions, provided at, noting in particular the eligibility criteria and the deadline dates.

2.  Seek to identify a suitable Mentor in the Maynooth University Department of Ancient Classics.  Details of the academic staff in the Department and their research interests may be found at

3.  Contact the potential Mentor directly to discuss the proposed project and its suitability for being undertaken under his or her Mentorship.  A good ‘fit’ between project and proposed Mentor is essential.

4. Consult the information provided by the Maynooth University Research Development Office at

Prospective applicants are also advised to register their interest with the University’s administrator for the scheme, Shona Leith, at [email protected].

Please note, however, that such registration of interest does not in any way imply that the Maynooth University Department of Ancient Classics will necessarily support an application. Potential applicants should further note that these Fellowships are subject to intense competition, and that the Department will only support applications considered to have a very high chance of success. Applications must be made through the IRC’s online submission system by the deadline of 16:00 GMT on *Thursday 30 November 2017*.  Please note that other deadlines, for referees, proposed Mentor, and the host institution, follow in short order.


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