Sapienza University of Rome, together with Unitelma Sapienza University of Rome, has recently launched a distance learning Master Degree in Classical Archaeology.


The Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology represents a great innovation among Italian universities courses. The renowned studies in Archaeology of Rome Sapienza University are combined with the online tools of Unitelma Sapienza University which provides Italian and international users with an exclusive and prestigious training project. This Master’s Degree is an inter-university degree awarded jointly by the two partner universities.

The Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology aims at providing a thorough training in the field of Classical Archaeology. In particular, through a didactic methodology combining both traditional (archaeological, linguistic-philological, artistic) and innovative resources (applying the most advanced methods to the knowledge of the material culture), intends to train the second level graduates in archaeological and historical skills.

Career Opportunities

The graduate in Classical Archaeology will be able to collaborate with public and private Institutions concerned with the protection and management of national and international archaeological and cultural heritage.  The student will be qualified to take on the direction of international cooperation projects and programs for the promotion of the archaeological assets of non-European countries and the enhancement of the cultural resources and touristic purposes; join the Local Bodies for which a wide mandate is expected in the management and enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

Further information:

The course is available in English and lessons can be followed on-line. Registration is open during the whole academic year.