The British School at Rome (BSR), the largest of the British International Research Institutes, is seeking to appoint an Assistant Director for the Humanities and Social Sciences and an Assistant Director for Archaeology and Archaeological Science, to play a vital role in the delivery of the BSR’s Research Strategy and Strategic Plan (along with an Assistant Director for Art, Architecture and the Creative Industries, for which applications are also being invited currently). Applicants must hold a doctorate, and must have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the UK’s Higher Education and research environment and/or galleries, libraries, archives and museums sector.

Founded in 1901, the BSR is a residential research centre, supporting British and Commonwealth scholars, architects and artists. The BSR’s Research Strategy is informed by our assessment of the contribution we make, and the value we can add, to the UK government’s strategic priorities in research and the creative sector. As an institution that has always combined research and practice, in a vibrant, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary community, we are ideally placed to deliver on the UK’s strategic priorities in research and innovation through our support for and mentoring of the most talented scholars of the art, history and culture of the Mediterranean from prehistory to the present day, and of contemporary architects, artists and curators. Our aim is to act as a catalyst for academic research and creative practice through engagement with Mediterranean, Italian and Rome-based international agencies to enhance connectivity, partnership and collaboration for UK and Commonwealth researchers and creative artists.

Key responsibilities for the post of Assistant Director include:

-contributing to the delivery of the BSR’s Research Strategy

-identifying and developing project and grant opportunities, in particular in collaboration with UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

-undertaking research projects and disseminating the outcomes

-showcasing the best of UK and Commonwealth talent through a dynamic programme of public events, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, installations and performances

-promoting the BSR as a vital collaborator with UK HEIs and with the UK galleries, libraries, archives and museums sector

-maintaining and extending existing cooperations and collaborations, in Italy, the UK and the Commonwealth

-supporting the community of award-holders and other residents at the BSR

The post-holder will be provided with a self-catering one-bedroom flat at the BSR, and all residential living costs will be covered; plus a salary of £20,000 per annum and a research grant of £1,500 per annum.

For further particulars and details of how to apply, see: