At a Sotheby’s auction in London in early October, a European woman collector of art works purchased Banksy’s Girl with Balloon for 1.18 million Euros. Immediately after the auction the painting was destroyed by a document shredder hidden in the frame. The incident made a great impact on social media and gave an idea to Lesha Limonov, a graphic designer from Belarus.

The White Russian designer created postcards that depict great works of art housed in big museums and which are a “nod towards” Banksy and the inspired self destruction of his painting the moment it was awarded to the buyer.

The postcards are made with a paper frame round the artwork which one can pull out of the “frame” and discover that the work’s bottom half is cut into strips.

How would you like to buy a post card from the Rijksmuseum shop with a work by a Flemish or Dutch painter which caught your eye on your visit and then at your ease to be able to imitate what Banksy did to his painting at the Sotheby’s auction?

Limonov named his series of postcards “Hello from Banksy”.