After fifteen years of continuous use, today’s elevator accessing the Acropolis archaeological site is already old and malfunctioning. It also cannot carry electric wheelchairs, because of the maximum weight load being limited. This has been announced by the Ministry of Culture and Sports following a recent inspection carried out at the site by Minister Lina Mendoni.

The following officials were present at the inspection: A. Androulidaki, Director General of Restorations, Museums and Technical Works, K. Frisiras Director of Studies and Execution of Works of Museums and Cultural Buildings, D. Svolopoulos, Director of Restoration of Ancient Monuments, with his associates, V. Eleftheriou, Head of the Department for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments, with her associates, E. Banou, Head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens, with her associates, as well as the spokesperson from the company that has installed the elevator and is responsible for its maintenance.

As mentioned in the announcement ‟It has been agreed by all that immediate plans must be made for the elevator’s replacement with a new one technically equipped so as to fully meet the following requirements: The safety of both visitors and employees and compatibility with the site’s aesthetics.”

However, until there is a permanent solution to this problem with the installing of a new type of elevator, the minister requested the following from the services’ officials: A timetable for the immediate solution of the problem and the safe functioning of the existing elevator. That same afternoon the day before yesterday, the minister of Culture was informed over the phone by the Director of the Ephorate of the Antiquities of Athens that the immediate replacement the elevator’s worn components had been scheduled so as to allow for its proper operation possibly on the next day.

The Minister also asked to be informed by the officials of the services in charge, on whatever measures needed to be taken and the cost these entailed, for the elevator in the meantime to operate properly and with guaranteed safety for visitors and employees.

Lastly, the minister asked that access to the Walk to and from the base of the elevator be made more regular, for its use by every type of wheelchair.