The Classical Association organising committee invites contributions to a panel proposal to be submitted for consideration for the Classical Association Conference 2020 (Swansea, 17–20 April)Panel convenors are Ilaria Bultrighini and Irene Salvo.

The deadline for abstracts is 7 August 2019.

Inscriptions can be defined as a wide range of text-bearing objects, rock surfaces, and monuments, and are invaluable sources for our understanding of ancient socio-cultural history. According to their provenance, inscriptions can show peculiarities in their linguistic and material characteristics. “Epigraphic habits” are the result of the combination of local identities with the plurality of exchanges within as well as between different ancient macro- and micro-regions of the ancient world. Moreover, epigraphic practices could travel from and to geographically distant regions.  

This panel aims to explore patterns of regionalism, interconnections, and variability in the epigraphic production of the strongly interrelated ancient world across the Mediterranean, Europe, and southwestern Asia. The panel convenors are interested in inscriptions written in Greek and Latin as well as in other Indo-European and Semitic languages, without excluding language isolates such as Etruscan.  

The panel convenors are seeking papers that engage with the following themes as emerging from the analysis of inscriptions from the Eurasiatic region within a broad chronological framework ranging from the Late Bronze Age to Late Antiquity:  

-Regional features; 

Bilingualism and multilingualism; 

Processes of cultural influence; 

Cultural interactions; 

Continuity of local identities and traditions in areas where a conquering culture comes in, e.g. during the Roman Empire; 

Institutional aspects; 

Contextualised religious mentalities; 

Pluralism in expressions of material cultures.  

Papers dealing with “off-the-beaten path” and peripheral regions, such as Eastern Europe and the Caucasian region, are particularly welcome. 

The Classical Association organising committee invites PhD students, early career researchers, and established academics to submit abstracts of no more than 300 words for 20-minute papers by Wednesday, 7 August 2019 to Ilaria Bultrighini (i.[email protected]and Irene Salvo ( 

If the panel will be approved by the Classical Association organising committee, the panel convenors plan to apply for funding in order to provide financial support to PhD students and ECR with their conference expenses.