On Tuesday November 12, two individuals aged 42 and 73 were arrested on Kalymnos by the local police for illegal possession of antiquities.

Specifically, as part of targeted activities of the South Aegean Regional Police Directorate for the protection of cultural heritage and after assessing evidence, an investigation was conducted in the house of the two accused, in the presence of a judiciary officer where the following items were found and confiscated: Two ancient clay amphorae, almost intact, a  closed clay vessel (prochous) with two handles of the prehistoric era, an ancient clay wine vessel with two handles (kantharos), a one handled antique closed vase, two Byzantine amphorae one almost and the other completely intact and an almost whole clay jug.

The confiscated items are protected by Law 3028/02 and are currently being guarded to be handed over to the appropriate services of the Ministry of Culture for further evaluation.

The case filed against the individuals arrested will be submitted to the Public Prosecutor of Kos.