The Museum of Cycladic Art announced that due to circumstances it is cancelling the exhibition TAKIS. Sculptor of magnetism, light and sound, a collaboration of the Museum with the Tate Modern and the MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, which would have opened on May 20 and have run to October 25.

As announced by President of the Cycladic Art Museum Sandra Marinopoulos:

“It is the first time during the twelve years as president that I am obliged to announce the cancellation of an exhibition. Under the unprecedented moments that our planet is facing, and despite the preparations and efforts of everyone involved, it is our duty and obligation to make this timely and immediate decision.

“This specific exhibition started its journey on July 2019 at the Tate Modern in London and is currently in Spain, one of the countries that has been most hardly hit. The process was just about to begin of transporting the exhibition to Greece where it would have completed its journey at the end of October 2020 with the return of the works back to their respective lenders.

“Meanwhile, the Museum has already gone ahead with organizing its next exhibitions to come after TAKIS. Therefore, under these unexpected circumstances we are forced to cancel the exhibition, putting above all the safety of our staff, volunteers, visitors and Friends of the Museum.
With the aim to safely stay in touch with all of you in the near future, we are continuously developing online content with creative home activities for all ages that will be enriched on a regular basis,” concludes Ms Marinopoulos.