Indiana University Egyptology opens up their Fall 2020 courses to eligible students anywhere in the world.

Courses offered in Egyptology include Elementary Hieroglyphic Egyptian (open to undergrads and grads); Intermediate Middle Egyptian and hieratic (this year open only to graduate students); Demotic I (this year open only to graduate students); and Seminar in Egyptian History I (Predynastic through the Amarna Period; this year open only to graduate students).

Courses will be delivered through Zoom.

Students from any university or educational institution outside the
Big 10 Academic Alliance consortium of American Midwestern universities are able to participate as non-degree students. Tuition payments are made to Indiana University; credits gained are transferred to the student’s home institution.

Students enrolled at universities in the Big 10 Academic Alliance are able to enroll under the “course share program”  enrolling, paying tuition and gaining credits straightaway at their home institution.

Students interested in participating are advised to contact Prof.  Steve Vinson (Chair of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures ) at  [email protected]