From the comfort and safety of our home, keeping to instructions to prevent further transmission of the virus, we don’t have to queue to visit the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City: we have the opportunity to enjoy a 360 degree tour of the former house and garden of the emblematic surrealist painter and activist.

The villa, known as Casa Azul (Blue House), is the home where Kalo spent most of her life and contains some of her most important paintings, among others “Long Live Life”, “Frida and the Caesarian Operation”and “Portrait of My Father ”.

The house has the original furniture from the time Kahlo lived there, as well as her personal belongings, works of Mexican folk art and paintings by her husband, the world-famous Diego Ribeira. The virtual exhibition “Appearances Can Be Deceiving” houses more than 300 items owned by Frida, including her most recognizable attire: Mexican dresses, ornately embroidered blouses and colourful skirts. In her bedroom is the prosthetic leg which she ordered to be made for her after the amputation of 1953.

Kahlo’s bright yellow kitchen and kitchen counter attracts attention, where she and Ribeira spend some time with Leon Trotsky who was their close neighbour (and with whom Frida had a brief affair). In the next room is Kahlo’s studio with her easel and full of her paintings

For a tour of Casa Azul press here.