The Acropolis Museum enters dynamically into the world of digital technology and opens new channels of communication with the public. The programme “Creation of the Digital Acropolis Museum” which was just completed showcases the multiple aspects of its exhibits, offers unique experiences in its galleries and creates a new, exciting world for kids and grownups alike.


The new website, created within the framework of the programme is a sophisticated online portal that brings before the public all the necessary information on the Museum and its galleries, provides information about your visit, its temporary exhibitions, its activities and events, the school and family programmes as well as its research and conservation projects.

Moreover, it is the first website of a Greek Museum to present all the artefacts included in its permanent exhibition making them accessible to the global community. Our digital collections include 2,156 artefacts with extensive descriptions, interactive glossary, bibliography, photographs, draws and in many cases videos. Artefacts kept in the Museum’s storerooms will be added gradually.

The website, available in both Greek and English, is linked to the social media and provides information on planning a visit to the Museum in four additional languages. It also offers multiple search tools and has a responsive design that makes it adaptable to all devices. Furthermore it ensures access to colour-blind visitors and is user-friendly to visually impaired people.

Website for children

The Acropolis Museum created a website especially for its little friends on The “Acropolis Museum Kids” has been designed for children between six and twelve years old. It invites them to become acquainted with the fascinating world of the Museum while having fun. Inspiring games, amusing videos as well as a series of inventive activities prompt children to think, discover, play, experiment and make their own creations.

Digital applications

The development of 23 multimedia applications and videos within the framework of the programme has significantly enhanced the double process of education and enjoyment not only within the Museum premises but also on its website. Created in accordance with the Museum’s general philosophy and museological approach, these applications function complementary to the exhibits and improve our understanding of them, appeal to different age groups as they take into consideration the diversity of visitors, promote communication and interaction among visitors and offer advanced knowledge based on first-hand experience and interactive methods.

New facilities in the Museum

The equipment that was acquired within the framework of the project provided the opportunity to create two new spaces in the Museum’s second floor. Visitors, through the touch screens in the Multimedia Centre, learn about the adventures some of the most important exhibits in the Museum faced, as well as their dispersion in different museums around the world. In the Kids Corner, our young friends have fun with digital games and pleasant videos, which bring to life ancient myths, narrate exciting stories and unfold aspects of the daily life of the ancient Athenians.

New potentials

Significant tasks of the project such as data entry, digitization, photography and 3D scanning, ensure the long-term preservation of valuable archival material and offer new potentials in its management, its export on the internet, as well as its utilization for the curation of exhibitions, the production of interactive material and games, and the publications. 27.755 digital files on 10.557 objects, were inserted into the Museum Collections Database (MuseumPlus). 496 handwritten excavation logs were digitized as well as 110.000 photographs, 18.410 index cards, and 7.500 conservation reports of portable finds. Finally, 500 Museum exhibits were photographed from all angles and 60 of them were scanned with the use of digital photogrammetry.

The programme

The programme “Creation of the Digital Acropolis Museum” has been integrated into the R.O.P. “Attica 2014-2020” with MIS: 5010606 and total budget 1.330.240,63 € excluding 24% VAT. Project Owner is the Acropolis Museum, contracting body is the Information Society S.A. and contractor OTE S.A. For more information visit