This is an invitation to submit an abstract for the workshop, “Cultural Heritage: Before, During, and After Crisis,” at ASOR’s 2021 Annual Meeting.

This session is planned for both in-person and virtual (Chicago,
Nov. 17-20; Online, Dec. 9-12).

Workshop chair: Tashia Dare (University of Kansas, Museum Studies,
[email protected])


Cultural heritage can provide people with a sense of identity, dignity, social cohesion, and security. However, all too often that heritage is targeted for these same reasons. As heritage professionals and community members seek to protect this heritage, they frequently find themselves in danger and lacking resources. This multi-year workshop focuses on cultural heritage, heritage professionals, and local communities before, during, and after crisis situations. Two questions in particular to consider are how do we help heritage professionals and local communities be more resilient leading up to, during, and after crisis situations? And how do we empower these groups?

2021: The first year will consider the following questions, among others.
What can heritage professionals do when they feel powerless to protect
themselves and their families from danger while also trying to protect
cultural heritage? How do we keep local stakeholders safe? How do crisis
situations affect local communities from accessing, participating, and
contributing to their cultural heritage (including archaeological sites and
museums)? What role do archaeologists and archaeology have in addressing these issues and other related concerns? What mechanisms are already in place to address these issues? Are these mechanisms working? What mechanisms are missing? How do we fill in the gaps?

2022: The second year focuses on ethical questions and responsibilities for
heritage professionals before, during, and after crisis situations.

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