Giacometti and Ancient Egypt is the title of the new exhibition presented by the Giacometti Institute in collaboration with the Louvre Museum.

The exhibition explores the relationship of Alberto Giacometti to Egyptian art. Alberto Giacometti has always been fascinated by the works of ancient Egypt, which he drew throughout his career. This inspiration from Egyptian art is regularly present, moreover, in sculpture and painting, both as a repertoire of forms and as an essential component of his aesthetic conception.

The Giacometti Institute, in collaboration with the Louvre Museum, invites us to extend and deepen this relationship between the sculptor and Egyptian art. Based on original research into the sources used by the artist, the exhibition offers a thematic journey made up of dialogues between emblematic works by Giacometti and Egyptian figures, notably that of the scribe, the art of the Amarna Period and the portraits of the Fayum.

In that framework, the exhibition brings together emblematic works by Giacometti and exceptional loans of works from the Louvre. By confronting sculptures, paintings and numerous previously unpublished drawings with a selection of works from the collections of the Louvre, this exhibition offers a fresh look at Giacometti’s art through the prism of ancient Egypt, a source of modern art that has yet to be explored.

Giacometti and Ancient Egypt: Curators:
Thierry Pautot, Conservation Officer, Head of Archives and Research Fondation Giacometti
Romain Perrin, Conservation Officer, Fondation Giacometti
Marc Etienne, Chief Curator, Department of Egyptian Antiquities, Musée du Louvre

The show will run from June 21 to September 28, 2021. Ticketing and more info to be determined.