The Archaeological Museum of Milos is housed in a neoclassical building in Plaka Milos and displays findings from the important prehistoric city of Fylakopi, as well as antiquities from collections originating both from the ancient city and other  sites on the island.

Over the last decades, the rescue excavations carried out on the island of Milos by the Cyclades Ephorate of Antiquities enriched the archaeological map of the island with a large number of new sites, hitherto unknown, because of the island’s mines being constructed and expanded. The numerous findings that came to light  have changed the archaeological data and have enhanced the timeless importance of Milos in the Aegean.

The Cyclades Ephorate of Antiquities, along with the museum’s renovation, has designed and mounted a new archaeological exhibition in the foyer titled “τάφῳ κτερίζειν” [Burying with funeral honours], to present for the first time to the public, the people of Milos and visitors to the island, particularly significant new findings from parts of unearthed cemeteries and single Mycenaean, Archaic and Roman tombs. Capturing an important practice of the ancient burial rite, the various offerings that accompanied the dead reflect the societies of their time, revealing aspects of their beliefs. As posthumous grave gifts and simultaneously evidence of life lived on earth, the gifts are precious threads that connect us with the past, making a tapestry of stories, centuries later, of the people of ancient Milos. This was pointed out in the press release by the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades.

The renovated museum and the new temporary exhibition has been inaugurated by Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni on Thursday, June 30, 2022, at 20.00.

The exhibition opens to the public on Friday, July 1, 2022.

Visiting hours: Monday, Wednesday-Thursday 08: 30–15: 30, Friday 14:00–22:00, Saturday-Sunday 09:00–22:00.