The Workshop “Epic heroism in Late Antiquity” will take place on 15-16 September 2022 at the University of Lisbon.


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10.00             Welcome and Introduction
10.15–11.30    Heroism and Speech
Jan Stenger (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)
“Can the Subaltern Speak? Deconstructing Epic Heroism in Late Antiquity”
Berenice Verhelst (University of Amsterdam)
“Who’s Speaking? A Computer-Based Analysis of the Homeric Voices in the Homerocentones (First Recension)”
12.00–13.15    The Late Antique Achilles
Fotini Hadjittofi (Universidade de Lisboa)
“Short-Circuiting Heroism: Suicidal Achilles(es) in Quintus Smyrnaeus’ Posthomerica”
William J. Dominik (Universidade de Lisboa / University of Otago)
“Achilles as a Heroic Figure in Late Antique Latin Literature”
15.00–16.15    The Tragic Heroes of Dracontius
Cillian O’Hogan (University of Toronto)
“The Tragic Hero on the Epic Stage: Dracontius, Orestis Tragoedia”
Sophia Papaioannou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
“Re-Echoing Hylas: Dracontius’ Myth and the Classical Tradition”

10.00–11.15    Heroism and Gender
Tine Scheijnen (Ghent University)
“Wild Women and Heroic Power: Modern Perspectives on Late Antique and Medieval Women in the Trojan War”
Laura Miguélez-Cavero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
“Too Much . . . Too Little . . . Just Right: Adjustments of Dionysus’ Heroism in Nonnus’ Dionysiaca”
11.45–13.00    Heroic Saints
Anna Lefteratou (University of Cambridge)
“The Christian Heroic Regime in Theodoret of Cyrrhus’ A History of the Monks in Syria”
Thomas Tsartsidis (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
“Romanising Heroes in Prudentius’ Peristephanon”
14.45–16.00    Heroism and Historical Figures I
Catherine Ware  (University College Cork)
“Arms and the Man I Praise: The Hero in Latin Prose Panegyric”
Adrien Bresson (Université de Lyon – Saint-Étienne)
“Theodosius in Claudian’s III Cons. and IV Cons.: Building an Epic Model of Heroism”
16.30–17.45    Heroism and Historical Figures II
Vicente Flores Militello (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
“The Hyperborean Maidens and Rome’s New Hero: A Device of Heroization in Claudian’s “Epic Hunt” (Claud. Stil. 3.237-369)”
Gianfranco Agosti (Università di Pisa)
“Heroes and Anti-Heroes in Classicizing Historians of Late Antiquity”

Any queries regarding this workshop should be directed to Fotini Hadjittofi ([email protected]).