Proposals for papers are invited to take part in the panel on Roman Ritual behaviour at the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (RAC/TRAC) to be held in London 11-14th of April 2024.

‘Inclusion and Exclusion: Ritual Practice in the Roman World and Beyond’
TRAC session n.30

This session shall look at ritual practices attested in and around the border regions of the Roman Empire meant as lived experiences of individuals and groups characterised by inclusive and exclusive behaviours. Particular attention will be paid to studies involving the limes, both as an area of physical space where ritual behaviour was practised and as a sociological phenomenon within which peoples were grouped and their identities constructed.

Particularly welcome are papers with theoretical approaches that highlight the experience of ‘others’ within the same ritual spaces, seen either as different/antagonist or as aspirational of representing cultural affiliations through the materiality of ritual practices. The aim is to collect innovative perspectives which would allow us to appreciate a greater degree of variation between codified centralised ritual practices and glocalised ones.

For this purpose, welcome are papers based on, but not limited to, network analysis (particularly through the consideration of the ‘web of associations’), gender and queer theory, and inter-disciplinary culture studies applied to ritual behaviours and practices.

Proposal should be submitted to [email protected] by the 15th of September and include your:
–       Name(s)
–       Affiliation
–       Email
–       Abstract of 200 words maximum.