The British School at Athens is delighted to invite applications for its Greek Epigraphy Postgraduate Course, that will take place 27 March–5 April 2024 in Athens, Greece.

Application deadline is 8 December 2023.

The BSA Greek Epigraphy course provides training for historians, archaeologists and textual scholars in the discipline of reading and interpreting epigraphic evidence. The course will allow students to deepen their understanding of the value of epigraphic material to the study of Greek history, society and culture, and to develop practical epigraphic skills: students will be guided through the process of producing editions of inscriptions, gaining first-hand experience with the stones as well as instruction in editorial practice and bibliographic skills.

The course will be taught around the BSA’s own Museum collection, which contains a large range of inscribed objects (graffiti, stamps, instrumenta domestica, weights, and weapons) and will also utilise the most significant collections of stone inscriptions around Athens, in particular at the superb facilities of the Epigraphic Museum, where students will each be assigned a stone from which they will create their own epigraphic edition.

The course is directed by Peter Liddel (Manchester) and Polly Low (Durham), with additional lectures and tours offered by guest speakers. Some prior knowledge of Greek is essential, although students with only elementary skills are advised that reading inscriptions is a very good way to advance in the language!

Applicants should make sure that two references are sent to the assistant director at [email protected] by the application deadline (8 December 2023), with the subject ‘Epigraphy course reference’.

For more information about the course, visit