The University of Pisa announces the public selection for the assignment of a two years research fellowship “Study of clay objects (excluding vessels) in archaeological contexts of the Nile valley (Egypt and Nubia) dating back to the Middle Bronze Age (2000-1550 BC)”
as part of the project “PIPE-Profiling the Identity of the Producers in ancient Egypt and Nubia through the “aura” of clay figurines” coordinated by Prof. Gianluca Miniaci

Purpose of the fellowship is the study of the traces of material production on clay artefacts useful to reconstruct the identity of clay manufacturers: technique adopted, technical gestures, dermatoglyphic impressions (fingerprints), shaping techniques.

The final aim of PIPE is to provide for the first time a social and technological profile for the clay artisans from the Nile Valley based on the multiple stories encapsulated within the artefact production, which reproduce segments of life of the non-wealthy and non-dominant people, too often ignored by the writing of our history.

Duties of the fellowship, to be based in Pisa:

– Study of clay artefacts of key interest identified in the literature and in museum collections
– Interest in archaeometry and ability to carry archaeometric analysis
– Documentation and study of artefacts identified in museum collections
– Photography and 3D modelling
– Identification of fingerprints on targeted clay artefacts through the use of Dinolite
– Organization of workshops and seminars
– Support in project administration
– Publication of results

The deadline for submissions is February 16. Further information on submissions and requirements can be found at the following link: