Learn Egyptian Hieroglyphs through the new website by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The new initiative introducing the wider public worldwide to the study of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs has been launched.

The “Hieroglyphs Step by Step” website was launched by the BA Writing and Scripts Center. It is the first interactive website dedicated to teaching Hieroglyphs and targets university students and those with a general interest in learning the ancient Egyptian language.
Available in both Arabic and English, the website is an ongoing project whose first phase was launched in 2015, and whose aim is to disseminate knowledge on the ancient Egyptian language.

As stated in the site’s “About” section, the idea was adopted due to the scarcity of electronic projects targeting Arabic-speaking audiences. Three out of 10 basic sources noted as the project’s bibliographical backbone are in Egyptian Arabic, with the rest being in English.

“Grammar lessons are competently prepared to suit all beginners, and they are arranged progressively according to use and order. These lessons focus on ancient Egyptian writing, which includes uniliteral, bilateral, and triliteral signs; arrangement and direction of ancient Egyptian writing; determinatives; phonetic complements; and the different ways of writing the same word”. The website is also enriched with a practical guide for reading hieroglyphics titled “Let’s Read”, an online dictionary in both Arabic and English, selected articles related to ancient Egyptian civilization (such as an article about Rosetta Stone), and a full category with free resources (grammar books and articles in pdf, hieroglyph writing apps and programs, and links to other resource websites and key archaeological projects)

To view the website, please follow the link