11 April 2024 Start
13 April 2024 End
Germany Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz IAW | Ägyptologie Hegelstr. 59 D-55122 Mainz

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Ägyptologische “Binsen”-Weisheiten V

11-13 April 2024

Ägyptologische “Binsen”-Weisheiten V is a conference examining the relation between the two key Ancient Egyptian writing systems, Hieroglyphs and Hieratic.

The conference is taking place at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz between 11 – 13 April 2024.

The topic of Ägyptologische “Binsen” V aims at overarching research questions on the hieroglyphic-hieratic writing system. Possible aspects to focus upon are the origin, development, and modification of the cursive script Hieratic; the specifications of cursive hieroglyphs; contexts, meanings, and forms of hieroglyphic-hieratic script combinations; or rules and limits in the transferability of cursive scripts into hieroglyphs and vice versa (in antiquity as well as in modern science).

The organizers are planning interactive and hands-on formats:

Roundtables on specific topics:

• Documentation strategies for script and manuscripts

• Methods of palaeography and the description of signs and handwriting.

• Challenges in identifying and transliterating hieratic and cursive hieroglyphic characters into so-called standard hieroglyphs Presentations and exchange of information: • Feedback on the online palaeography AKU-PAL

• Further projects by participants on digital methods and applications

Presentations will generally take place in person, either in German or in English, each with 20–25 minutes of speaking time plus 5–10 minutes discussion.

The conference takes place in person, but presentations can also be followed online.

For more (and for a request to attend online) click here.