25 October 2022 Start
25 October 2022 End
2.00 p.m. Time
Austria Institut für Klassische Archäologie Universität Wien Franz-Klein-Gasse 1 A-1190 Wien

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Haute Couture in Bronze Age Greece

October 25, 2022

Haute Couture in Bronze Age Greece: The Spectacular World of Ariadne and Agamemnon

This lecture brings to life the fabulous costumes of Minoan and Mycenaean royalty and deities that were of the utmost luxury and decorated with exquisite patterns and appliqués of gold and precious gems and topped with exquisite jewelry. No longer preserved, the costumes are replicated through detailed analysis of art and texts and draped on live models posed as in art and juxtaposed with the sculptures and wall paintings they imitate. Fragments of frescoes found out of context are digitally reassembled and reconstructed to restore once lost garments and remarkable scenes of the palatial and everyday life of the Aegean Bronze Age.