27 November 2018 Start
28 November 2018 End
Italy Università degli Studi di Trento, via Calepina, 14 - I-38122 Trento


International workshop on Aristocratic culture and social mobility in archaic Greece

November 27-28, 2018

The Ancient History Lab in Trento is glad to announce the international workshop ‘New Trends in Ancient Greek History. Aristocratic Culture and Social Mobility in Archaic Greece’ which will be held at the Department of Humanities of the University of Trento on November, 27th-28th. Please find the programme below.

All welcome.

Tuesday 27th

 9.00    Introductory remarks (M. Giangiulio)

9.15    Towards a definition of archaic Greek aristocracy (M. Wecowski)

10.15  Seeking success in Archaic Greece (C. Pearson)

11.00  Coffee break

11.15  Early Greek poetry and social mobility (M. Wecowski)

12.15 Is social mobility visible in the archaeological record of the Archaic Greek world? (X. Charalambidou)

14.30  Light after darkness – social mobility in Pindar (K. Kostecka)

15.15  Cretan Archaic elites: an archaeological perspective (M. D’Acunto)

16.00  Spartan aristocracies (M. Lupi)

16.45  Coffee break

17.00 Discussion

Wednesday 28th

10.00  Chrysophorein/Wearing gold (E. Franchi)

10.45 Archaeological insights into social status and prestige in Archaic Greece (X. Charalambidou)

11.30  Coffee break

11.45 Debating ‘aristocracies’ (M. Giangiulio)

12.30  Discussion

14.30  Aristocratic culture in the ‘Attic drinking songs’ (G. Proietti)

15.15  Geographical mobility and status – the case of elite ‘specialists’ (K. Kostecka)

16.00  Coffee break

16.15  Local games in Archaic and Classical Greece (C. Pearson)

17.00  Final discussion and conclusions