29 September 2013 Start
5 January 2013 End
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Praxiteles: The Cleveland Apollo

September 29, 2013 - January 5, 2014

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s ancient bronze sculpture Apollo Sauroktonos (Lizard-Slayer) from about 350–275 BC is the subject of a focus exhibition in 2013. The Apollo is the only surviving bronze version of this famous sculptural type described by the first-century Roman author Pliny the Elder. The exhibition and accompanying book will examine the famous sculpture from a number of perspectives—from its technical features and iconography to its importance for understanding the legacy of Praxiteles. Its acquisition by the Cleveland Museum of Art ensures that the sculpture will continue to be studied within a broad art-historical context.

Image: Apollo Sauroktonos (Lizard-Slayer), c. 350-275 BC. Attributed to Praxiteles (Greek, c. 400–330 BC). Bronze, copper, and stone inlay; 150.0 x 50.3 x 66.8 cm. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Severance and Greta Millikin Purchase Fund 2004.30.a