19 September 2019 Start
21 September 2019 End
Greece Swedish Institute at Athens, Mitseon 9 117 42, Athens

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Silk in Ancient Greece and its Resonance

September 19-21, 2019

The program for the international conference “Silk in Ancient Greece and its Resonance”, which takes place at the Swedish Institute at Athens, September 19-21, 2019, has just been announced.

September 19

19.15-20.00                          Key-note: Berit Hildebrandt: The Provenance, Production and Manufacture of Silk in Ancient Greece: A Reassessment

Reception at the Swedish Institute

September 20

9.00-09.30        Registration and coffee

Session 1: A Literary Thread

09.30-10.00                         Peder Flemestad, Silk in the Second Sophistic

10.00-10.30                          Ines Bogensperger, The Evidence of Silk in Papyrus Texts from Egypt

10.30-11.00                           Mary Harlow, Spinning Tales of Silk: The Use and Misuse of Silk in Late Antique Authors

11.00-11.30         Coffee

Session 2: A Historical Thread I

11.30-12.00                           Julia Galliker, Silk in the Byzantine World: Transmission and Technology

12.00-12.30                          Maria Sardi: The Culture of Silk in the Mamluks (13th-16th c. A.D.)

12.30-13.00                          Hedvig Landenius Enegren: Silk in Cyprus Yesterday and Today: A Retrospective Exposé

Session 2: A Historical Thread II

15.00-15.30                          Amica Sundström, Silk Imitation from the Migration Period (400-550 AD) in Sweden

15.30-16.00                          Petra Lindscheid, Early Silk North of the Alps: Silk Finds in Roman and Early Medieval Germany

16.00-16.30                          Marianne Vedeler, Attitudes to Silk in the Viking age

September 21

Session 3: A Material Thread

10.00-10.30                          Eva Panagiotakopulu, Wild Silk from the Aegean: An Archaeoentomological perspective

10.30-11.00                           Christophe Moulherat, Serge Berthier, Bernd Schollhorn, Camille Aracheloff, From Cocoon to Textile: Structure and Colour

11.00-11.30                            Christina Margariti, The Effects of Artificial Degradation on Silk Fibres

11:30-12:00           Coffee

Session 4: Tying Up the Threads

12.00-12:30                          Amica Sundström, The Reconstruction of a Roman Silk Textile

12.30-13.00                          Kalliope Sarri, Experiment and Experience: Hands-on Approaches to the Equipment and Technology of Ancient Textiles

13.00-13.30                           Maria Venizelea, Silk Stories

13.30                   Concluding remarks

The conference is organized by: The Swedish Institute at Athens, ARTEX, Lund University, Pireos Bank