4 March 2021 Start
4 March 2021 End
5-6 pm (UK time) Time
UK University of Nottingham (online)

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Sparta Live Event: Spartan Doctors and Medical Science in Sparta

4 March 2021

Spartan Doctors and Medical Science in Sparta is the topic to be addressed by Dr. Giannis Tsoulogiannis (Ph.D. History of Medicine, Sparti) in this week’s Sparta Live! webinar.

Dr. Tsoulogiannis discusses the practice and development of medicine in Sparta. The focus will be on two Spartan doctors, Archagathos (c. 219 BC) and Claudius Agathinos (1st c. AD), who were both active in Rome.

The talk will argue for the presence of a strong medical tradition in ancient Sparta which has unfortunately been largely overlooked due to the conception of an often misleading austere and isolated society.

How to join

The live event is free to all and will take place via MS Teams.

Join either via the CSPS website or by following this event attendee link

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