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The Saqqara Saite tombs project

Thursday, 17 December 2020

The Saqqara Saite tombs project: updates and the archaeology of mummification is the topic to be addressed by Dr. Ramadan Hussein (Universität Tübingen)

The Saqqara Saite tombs project

Led by Dr. Hussain, the project has brought to light some of the most remarkable archaeological finds ever recorded from Egypt, revealing hitherto unknown aspects of the practice (as well as logistics) of mummification and funerary care.

Dr. Hussain and his team are credited with the unprecedented discovery of a mummification workshop complex at Saqqara from Dynasty 26 (ca. 664-525 BC). It included a mummification workshop, an Embalmer’s cachette full of pottery, and a communal burial shaft. This shaft is 30 m. deep and had six tombs. The tombs contained ca. 54 mummies and skeletons, five large sarcophagi, a dozen calcite (Egyptian alabaster) canopic jars, thousands of shawabti figurines, and a very rare gilded silver mummy mask. Research has been continually bringing to light more evidence.

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