13 November 2018 Start
13 November 2018 End
13.00 Time
UK The Open University Estates, Geoffrey Crowther Building, Walton Hall, MILTON KEYNES MK7 6AA


Translation Prefaces

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Open University is delighted to invite you to our November lunchtime research seminar. Our speaker will be Professor Martin Revermann (University of Toronto), the 2018/2019 Webster Fellow at the Institute of Classical Studies, who will give a talk entitled “Translation Prefaces”. (See abstract below.)

Our seminars are held in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the Walton Hall campus in Milton Keynes and start promptly at 13.00. All are welcome, but, in order to ensure the appropriate room booking, we do ask you to let us know of your intention to come *before the end of October* (via  [email protected] or in response to this message).


Translation prefaces are sites of unusual visibility for the translator. They offer multiple opportunities for reflection, self-presentation, explanation and establishing an engaging rapport with the prospective reader. Based on a typology of prefaces I will, drawing broadly from a range of periods, explore common prefatorial strategies and their significance not only for the specific translations themselves but for the shifting roles, real and perceived, of translation in the understanding of Graeco-Roman antiquity more generally