It is the title given to a series of educational programs organized by the Campion School for its pupils and their parents. Specialized technicians recreated the way the objects on show had been originally made. The next step, after this reconstruction, was to make an “archive” allowing reconstruction at another museum. Visits were made by the Campion School to four museums in Athens. The Museum of Greek Folk Art, the Municipal Museum of Folk Art and Traditions (housed in Angeliki Hadjimihali’s home), The Benaki Museum, and The Numismatic Museum. Activities ranged from making a wicker chair to weaving at a loom, from making traditional Greek shoes to processing fur. The artist Bost gave the children drawing lessons, other activities were painting on porcelain, printing on fabrics and making the national Greek skirt, the foustanela. Bread sculptures were created, a traditional felt jacket was decorated , lessons were given in the painting of religious icons and in Byzantine lettering.