Each museum-kit is a complete unit which can be easily used by anyone who reads the accompanying instructions. It is addressed to certain school ages but it can also be appropriately adjusted so as to meet the educational needs of various other ages. Relevant analytic material (scientific monographs and publications) or a simple elucidating text is available to teachers for the effective use of the museum-kit contents. The purpose of the educational museum-kits varies. Through the constructive entertainment some aim at the development of creativity, while others at the achievement of a faster knowledge. The purpose, however, is multiple and by combining all the educational components it results in an overall improvement of the student’s educational status.

The teacher has the experience of his students’ mental and knowledge potentialities. Thus, depending on his specialization and his specific pursuits, he can make the best ouf of the museum-kit, since each of them has been planned to cover an entire topic. The topics of the museum-kits are:

1. The Parthenon Frieze

2. The Acropolis Sanctuary

3. Stone Carving

4. Ancient Greek Attire

5. Ancient Greek Musical Instruments.