On the occasion of a publication in the newspaper “Kathimerini” on the reconstruction of Philip’s Stoa on Delos Island, the author of this article raises certain questions trying to elucidate the theoretical dimension of the problems related to this project. Therefore, he queries the rational of such an enterprise today and examines the cost, purpose and benefit of the work, as well as its visual impact on the environment. He further suggests as an alternative scheme a management plan for the entire island, fully compatible with the Chart of Venice, that would evaluate and incorporate all the peculiarities this exceptionally fragile site presents, so that the damage and destruction caused by the climatic conditions and tourism could be controlled. The author also considers essential the incorporation of the entire island in the project, so that the abandonment and devastation of land and houses of the southern countryside, a part of the island that decisively contributes to the unique identity of Delos, could be dealt.