The objective of this service is the carrying out of all work regarding museums and archaeological sites in general. The Direction is divided into the following departments; Auctions, Execution and Supervision, Inspection and Delivery. 95% of the works are auctioned and then carried out by building-

contractors, while minor projects or other works that require skilled and specialized personnel are done by craftsmen or relevant employees from the Ministry of Culture. The Administration is staffed, among others, by twenty-nine persons whose knowledge and skills cover all the necessary specialities. The major problems this service has to solve are generated by the poor condiltion of the old museum buildings and the postponement of their reconstruction, owing to the lack of funds. The proposals for improving this situation include the decentralization of the central technical services that can be achieved by creating regional ones; the classification of the works on a regional (conservation, repairs) or national (constructions, extentions) level; and the creation of a specific Department of Building Restoration. Basic prerequisite of all proposals is the replacement of the present, ill-functioning programme of the Ministry of Culture by a modern one which will have been drawn up with the participation of all interested parties.