The proposal for reusing the old brewery Fix on Sygrou Avenue, was the aftermath of an open debate, held in 1988 in the Athens Polytechnic School in the framework of the International Architectural Competition for the New Acropolis Museum. The idea is based on the widely accepted practice of reutilizing old existing building installations, which although have become useless they are still incorporated into the town-planning network. This article tries to prove that the specifications required for the needs of a contemporary new Acropolis Museum are well covered by the available shell of the building, a fact analyzed in the plans of the functional layout as well as in the corresponding metrical data. Furthermore, an attempt is made for the incorporation of the building in a town-planning scheme, which is related with the concept of unifying the archaeological sites of Athens and the historical center of the capital. The environmental deterioration of the Attica basin and the urgent need of preserving the Acropolis exhibits ask for an imediate, realistic and reliable solution. Therefore, the suggested proposal does not only meet this need but it also offers a challenge for the morphological and aesthetic transformation of the existing shell into a building worthy of its new role as the Acropolis Museum.