Drawings which were brought to the public out of the Library of the Paris School of Fine Arts should be seen as characteristic of architects whose reconstruction of monuments is in the same spirit as any architectural design. Architectural drawings, whether these are reconstructions or plans for buildings are ruled by the same techniques and conventions. In both cases the available information defines the latitude the architect is allowed.The working process is also similar both to reconstructions or in blueprints for a new building.The drawing of plans is the final stage which is also the most important both to reproductions and in the designing of buildings.It is worth mentioning that all Prix de Rome winners who reconstructed a monument on paper identified with the architect who originally designed the building 20 centuries ago.Three tendencies can be seen as crucial to the work of the architects who took part in the Expeditions. a) a methodical research and gathering of exact and detailed evidence around their subject, b) the strikingly beautiful murals that resulted , which are more painterly than architectural, and c) the rationalism in the architects’ designs which seem to belong to a new architectural assignment rather than to the reconstruction of a monument.